Our Story

Our Story

Engineering breakthroughs require ideas, analysis and insights, not just great simulation tools. We form partnerships with our clients providing customized solutions and access to the software and the team.

Design insights through simulations

Despite the exponential growth in computer power over the decades, the impact of computer simulations on the toughest multi-physics engineering challenges remains modest. For devices involving the complex coupling of turbulent mixing, combustion, phase change, heat transfer, acoustics, and other physical processes, designers have relied heavily on physical tests and then use the results of these experiments to calibrate the available simulation models, fundamentally limiting their usefulness.

Cascade’s philosophy is to provide predictive simulation tools focused on a first-principles view of the underlying physical processes. First principles are not calibrated. Using Cascade’s tools, designers can build detailed spatial and temporal representations of their device of interest, gaining insights unattainable using simplified simulations and even experimental tests. The exponential growth of high-performance computing, the development of proprietary algorithms, and extensive computer-science innovations are the enabling factors in the success of Cascade’s simulation tools.

We solve the toughest design challenges

Cascade’s tools deliver predictive simulations of realistic engineering devices involving turbulence, heat transfer, chemical reaction, acoustics, motion, and multiphase flow phenomena. Our exceptional team and our proprietary software technologies allow clients to gain unprecedented insights and to shed light on innovative design opportunities.

We partner to customize solutions to customer needs

For the toughest challenges, Cascade can collaborate with your design team, adapting our software to answer the unique needs of your company rather than simply offering a software license.

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