We hate to brag, but word is getting around about our simulation tools. But don’t take our word for it, read about us in the news.

These simulations are actually more than an experiment. They provide new insights which, combined with human creativity, allow for opportunities to improve designs within the practical product cycle.

Better Combustion for Power Generation | Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Far-field noise predictions for an isothermal, Mach 0.9 jet matched the companion experimental measurements to within 0.5 decibel for relevant frequencies.

Flying Quiet | Aerospace America

It’s like looking at the world through a slow-motion video versus a time-lapse snapshot.

Super Collaboration | GE Reports

...powerful software that can run on some of the world’s most powerful computers.

…a new numerical method, enabling the first high-fidelity simulation of fuel spray atomization in realistic engine combustors.

Advances in Fluid Dynamics | Aerospace America

…an ideal code for aeroacoustic applications characterized by high-speed flows and complex geometries.