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Why Cascade


Simulate using First Principles

Cascade’s solvers leverage first principles and mimetic discretization techniques to deliver accuracy and fidelity not found in most commercial simulation tools. Our solvers do their best to “mimic” Mother Nature and deliver a predictive simulation environment that is true to the underlying physics.


Collaborate with Transparency

Collaboration is the key to innovation. We believe in sharing code details and backing this up with professional,  highly-qualified support to enhance credibility and trust. This allows our customers to understand the details of the simulation and even customize it to their specific needs.


Manipulate Big Data Seamlessly

Gaining understanding and impacting design with simulations require much more than just a great solver. Our software suite encompasses the high fidelity simulation process and all of its high-fidelity data end-to-end.

Users can easily mesh large complex models, interact with and steer live simulations, and extract insights from large data sets all within one interface.


Move the Future Forward

Cascade’s bench includes PhDs with deep expertise in areas you might expect: numerical methods, multi-physics fluid mechanics and high performance computing. But our team also specializes in geometric modeling, visualization, and data analytics. Our engineers partner with your in-house experts to create simulations that drive product innovation.


Generate High-Quality Meshes Faster

The Cascade simulation suite employs a proprietary meshing technique that dramatically reduces the time required to build a high quality model. This technology allows users to rapidly move towards insight-generating simulation, visualization and analysis.

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