Fluid simulation
with impact

Cascade’s multi-physics, high-fidelity CFD solvers are built to tackle the toughest turbulent flow problems and deliver insights to improve your product designs. Rooted in physics fidelity and delivered through high-performance computing, our tools are predictive, fast, and cost-efficient.

A complete solution for high-fidelity simulation

Our software includes massively parallel meshing, multi-physics solvers, and powerful analysis tools plus a lightweight app to manage the entire workflow. 



Our approach to mesh generation is based on 3D Voronoi diagrams. This unique approach is fast, scalable, scriptable, and produces high-quality boundary-aligned meshes, even for extremely complex geometries.



Our flagship solver, CharLES, is purpose-built to support high-fidelity simulation with advanced numerical methods and models, and extreme scalability on CPU-based and GPU-based high-performance computing environments.



Our powerful analysis tools go way beyond pretty pictures, combing through data to rapidly deliver the results you need to make informed decisions: Quantitative imaging, modal analysis, FW-H, python integration, expression evaluation, and much more.


Workflow management

Manage your entire simulation workflow through our simple to use app.

Designed to tackle your toughest fluid dynamics challenges

Our simulation tools better predict traditionally hard problems for CFD in aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, combustion, heat transfer, and multiphase.

These simulations are actually more than an experiment. They provide new insights which, combined with human creativity, allow for opportunities to improve designs within the practical product cycle.

— Joe Citeno, combustion engineering manager for GE Power

Honda & Cascade
demonstrate the accuracy of wall-modeled LES for vehicle drag prediction

Honda R&D worked with the Cascade team to successfully predict trends in aerodynamic drag to within 2% of experiment, including the details of flow separation on the front bumper.