TOMMIE: Grid Generation


TOMMIE mesh projected on the true surface of a Formula 1 car

TOMMIE™ is a parallel grid generator written in C++ and MPI that allows generation of highly controlled meshes in extremely complex geometries. The mesh construction is highly automated, and requires a minimal set of input parameters. Geometries are imported as STL (stereo-lithography) surfaces, a standard neutral format available in almost every CAD system. Grid resolution at each STL surface is specified by indicating a normal and tangential length scale. Additional constraints on the grid-size can be introduced anywhere in the domain. The resulting grid is guaranteed to satisfy the requested resolution automatically. TOMMIE meshes provide a stairstep representation of the boundaries (non-body-fitted meshes) but a prototype algorithm to perform grid projection and to generate boundary-layer-type resolution is also available. TOMMIE exports meshes that are compatible with Cascade Technologies’s solver infrastructure, as well as some commercial CFD codes (Ansys .msh format).

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