Computational Fluid Dynamics Software

Cascade Technologies’ high-fidelity, multi-physics Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation software is not available for download from this website. If you are interested in licensing Cascade’s software, please send us an email.

Browser-based version of blockbuster

One powerful way to do flow visualization is to do flipbook-style animation of a series of images representing instantaneous snapshots of some quantity of interest. This is the basis of the “blockbuster” software originally developed at LLNL to do scientific visualization of large image sequences on display clusters with screen arrays. Blockbuster is also very useful for interacting with visualization images on your desktop to understand flow phenomena. Installing it on your desktop however (or your mac in particular!) can be extremely tedious.

To avoid installation completely, we used a 2d canvas and javascript to create a browser-based “blockbuster”. You can test it here. If you don’t have your own image sequence, there is also one available for you to download and try.

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