Immersed Boundary Module

Turbine blade simulations using Immersed Boundary technique

The immersed boundary (IB) technique is a numerical approach that allows simulation of flows in complex geometries using simple, non-boundary conforming grids. The fundamental principle is that source terms are added to the governing equations to represent the effect of the solid objects on the flow. The method is particularly well suited for pre-design studies in which several configurations can be analyzed in relatively limited amount of time. The present implementation of the approach relies on locally refined grids generated using Cascade’s TOMMIE mesh generator and includes procedures to handle Reynolds-averaged turbulence models including wall functions. Applications of the IB approach range from automotive applications in both external aerodynamics and under-hood design, to mixing devices used in chemical engineering processes, to design and analysis of electronic component systems. Cascade’s IB technique is implemented in Ansys Fluent software as an add-on and is fully parallel and compatible with a wide variety of turbulence closures.

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