In the past few years Cascade Technologies and EnginSoft have engaged in a Joint Venture in the USA.  EnginSoft is a leading provider for CFD consulting in Europe, with a mission to increase the reliability of engineering simulations by combining state-of-the-art, commercially available CFD software and multi-objective optimization tools.

Analysis performed using CHARLES, Cascade Technologies flagship product, require considerable computational resources, but can be used to construct reduced-order models for optimization studies.  By creating multi-fidelity optimization models where low-fidelity simulations (for example using current commercial CFD solutions) are combined with few, selected CHARLES predictions, an accurate yet cost-effective optimal design can be achieved.

On the other hand EnginSoft is now ready to expand its application base to areas where high-fidelity CFD simulations are required.  The joint venture between EnginSoft and Cascade Technologies will create new opportunities for the use of next-generation CFD simulations.  Many opportunities lie ahead in the world of high fidelity CFD, and Cascade Technologies and EnginSoft are both up for the challenge!



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